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Club Closure

Please note that the club will be closed from Sunday 20th September for approximately 4 days to enable a software and hardware upgrade to the booking system and door entry system. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Ferriby Squash is ready to open again!

The planned date for opening is Monday 27th July, with as you would expect a few changes.

The new initial opening hours for the club will be 1000 to 2200 hrs Mon – Sun. This is to allow for our new cleaning regime.

One court will be available from 1000 hrs and on the hour thereafter alternating between courts 1 and 3.

Please see the following:

During the present situation with the Covid 19 pandemic we ask that the following is adhered to before entering the squash club for everyone’s safety.

Do not enter if you have any of the following symptoms:-

1. A high temperature (38 or over)
2. A Dry Cough
3. Shortness of breath
4. Loss of sense or smell

- Only members who have booked courts online may enter the building, no visitors or spectators (This includes parents)
- Only enter the building a maximum of 5 minutes before your court is booked
- Please ensure you follow the guidelines and wash your hands and use the sanitiser stations regularly during your visit.
- No use of changing facilities, showers or toilets
- Arrive ready to go on court
- Please bring your own drinks
- All personal belonging to be kept on court with you

If in the days following a game you have any of the above symptoms please get a covid 19 test and follow the track and trace procedures. The committee will have all the information of players who have followed you into the building or on court.

• The club has installed a thermal thermometer next to the entry door as you enter please ensure you face the thermometer and get a reading. ( you do not have to touch the thermometer)
• If your temperature is less than 38 degrees then please continue into the club, if its higher then please seek medical advice by ringing 101.
• Only two members are allowed into the club at any one time (parents will have to wait outside if their children are playing)
•  There will be no doubles. · Also no double fobbing as we need to keep a record of who has played. All courts must be pre-booked online (the booking machine at the club is not to be used) Please use PayPal to top up your account. · The water dispenser is offline so please bring your own drink.
• Please ensure you use the hand sanitiser available and also wipe down all the surfaces you may have touched with the spray and blue roll provided.
• Refrain from wiping your hands on the walls of the squash courts.
• There is a new exit door which is on the ground floor at the end of the building, just press the green button and push the door open. (Do not leave via the entry door)
• A new wash basin with infrared taps has been installed on the ground floor, as the showers and changing rooms are not to be used. (the showers have been capped off)
• The balcony is not to be accessed at this time.

If phase 1 goes well then we will review these procedures in two weeks to potentially include coaching and increase court availability.

Regards, The Committee.

Covid-19 Update Plan

An update with what’s been happening since the club closed due to the Covid -19 virus. Everyone’s safety is of paramount importance to the committee, therefore a number of things have been going on behind the scenes to enable us to look forward to a return to playing. Whilst we look towards the day we can re-open, we will look at different phases and this email seeks to inform you of phase 1.

Phase One (Limited Opening)

• Limited time at the club – the Club will operate on a single court basis which will only be bookable in advance using the Payne System and on the hour. i.e. 7am, 8am 9am etc.
• The new booking system will provide 20 minutes between the conclusion of a game and the start of the next game.
• Members not to enter the club until 5 minutes prior to their court time – to allow members who have played to leave the premises.
• A separate exit to be provided through the fire exit on the ground floor (same floor as the courts) using a green button to allow the door to open.
• No competitions and no spectators.
• No one to enter the balcony area. (Except Club Coaches)
• All showers and changing areas to remain closed.
• New handwashing stations are to be provided at the entrance, outside of each court and at the exit, with alcohol/hand sanitizer.
• Members only – No guests – No double fobbing as we need to keep a record of all members who have attended at the club. Members to bring their own water with them.
• A more robust cleaning regime and more often.
• Only two people in the club at any one time – therefore no doubles. (Apart from a Club coach)
• A specific time to be given over to those members who fall into the higher risk category to Covid 19 (details to follow)
• Anyone ignoring the above rules will receive a month’s suspension.

All members now have the ability to pay for lights using PayPal which can be accessed via the normal Payne booking portal. (PayPal take a small portion for providing this facility) The club has also applied for funding and has been successful which will assist in the Club surviving these difficult times. (Thank you to David Morris)

As you would expect we hope that members will comply with the above and also exercise common sense and not attend at the club if they are suffering / displaying symptoms of Covid -19.

Kind Regards Ferriby Squash and Racketball Committee.

The Club is closed until further notice

Despite the committee’s best endeavours, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that following the Prime Minister’s advice tonight Ferriby Hall Squash and Racketball club will be closed until further notice.

Please do not try and enter the club as the passcode has been changed and you won’t be able to get in. We intend that the club will be closed for the minimum amount of time possible and as soon as the government advice allows, we will reopen.

If you have any questions please contact Steve Birss, the Chairman, who will do his best to answer them. In the meantime, the committee wish you and yours all the best in these trying times and we hope to see you all again soon.

Regards, The Committee


Please be advised that the club will not be closing but is taking precautions during these difficult times. All surfaces, door handles etc. are cleaned daily with anti-bacterial spray.

The below is from the NHS website:

- wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
- always wash your hands when you get home or into work
- use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
- cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
- put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
- try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

- do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

There are soap dispensers in the male and female changing areas for you to use.

If you feel unwell or think you may have had recent contact with someone who may be exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms then please do not attend the club.

The Dunlop England Junior Championships

Run by England Squash, the Dunlop English Junior Championships will also be held at Ferriby Hall Squash Club this year. The competition runs from 6-8 March 2020 and is also held at Riding, Haltemprice and the University.

National Schools Championship - Stage 1

Congratulations to South Hunsley who won the stage 1 tounament held at Ferriby Hall Squash Club on Wednesday 13th Novemeber, beating Hymers College, Ackworth School and Lincoln Minster School.

Parking - Important Notice!

Could all club members please park in our car park behind the barrier. The other parking areas do not belong to us. There is a risk you could be clamped or towed away for parking in a private car park. Thank you.

Court Shoes

Sorry if we sound like a stuck record but there have been more incidents, recently, of marking shoes being worn on court (particularly court 3), this is unacceptable!  Please ensure that all people going on court have the correct footwear, this means outdoor shoes should be changed for court shoes before going on court.

Front Door

This Tuesday night the club security alarm was triggered and a Security Patrol Officer sent out to investigate the club (for which we are billed) after the front door had been left propped open with the mat.  Please be reminded that under no circumstances should the front door be propped open and when you are leaving the club please ensure that the mat is not impeding the door closing.  If you see the front door propped open, please close it.


Congratulations to Mike Clemson British Over 75 champion May 2019

Club Lights

Reminder to all members, when leaving the club empty please switch off all lights. Save money and the environment!

Court Sponsorship

There are a few court advertising slots avaialbale if you are interested in becoming a court sponsor please contact any of the committe members for more information.


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