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2019 Club Championship - Squash Knockout

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL Thursday 12th December 7pm. Please come and support.

National Schools Championship - Stage 1

Congratulations to South Hunsley who won the stage 1 tounament held at Ferriby Hall Squash Club on Wednesday 13th Novemeber, beating Hymers College, Ackworth School and Lincoln Minster School.

Parking - Important Notice!

Could all club members please park in our car park behind the barrier. The other parking areas do not belong to us. There is a risk you could be clamped or towed away for parking in a private car park. Thank you.

2019 Club Championship - Squash Knockout

Put your name down on the notice board if you wish to be entered into the club squash knockout competition. The draw will be closed 31st July and the competition will start 5th August 2019.

AGM 2019

The committee of the Ferriby Squash and Racketball club would like to invite you to the AGM, which will be held the Triton Inn (Brantingham) on Wednesday 31st July at 7pm. If you wish to ask any questions or raise any issues then please can you submit it, via email to the Chairman, prior to the AGM and it will be dealt with under any other business, unless it obviously falls into a different category.

Court Shoes

Sorry if we sound like a stuck record but there have been more incidents, recently, of marking shoes being worn on court (particularly court 3), this is unacceptable!  Please ensure that all people going on court have the correct footwear, this means outdoor shoes should be changed for court shoes before going on court.

Front Door

This Tuesday night the club security alarm was triggered and a Security Patrol Officer sent out to investigate the club (for which we are billed) after the front door had been left propped open with the mat.  Please be reminded that under no circumstances should the front door be propped open and when you are leaving the club please ensure that the mat is not impeding the door closing.  If you see the front door propped open, please close it.


Congratulations to Mike Clemson British Over 75 champion May 2019

Club Lights

Reminder to all members, when leaving the club empty please switch off all lights. Save money and the environment!

Court Sponsorship

There are a few court advertising slots avaialbale if you are interested in becoming a court sponsor please contact any of the committe members for more information.


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