2019 Club Championship - Squash Knockout

Please try and arrange your games by the given date.

Prelim Round
(by 1/09)
First Round
(by 22/09)
Quater Finals
(by 13/10)
Semi Finals
(by 3/11)
  Paul Norton      
Julian Chalk James Maxwell
James Maxwell
  John Sherburn  
  Mark Vahey
  Anthony Bennett    
  Tim Hunter
  George Bidder George Bidder
Dave Moorland Ben Flower
Ben Flower
  John Horler      
  Martin Douglas
  Mike Jones  
Edward Bidder Edward Bidder
Colin Brooks
  Mike Clemson    
Steve Birss Phil Parsons
Phil Parsons
  Nick Padget  
  Ian White


2018 Club Championship - Squash Knockout

First Round
(Played by 15th April)
Second Round
(Played by 29th April)
Quater Finals
(Played by 27h May)
Semi Finals
(Played by 10th June)
(Played by 24th June)
Colin Brooks Martin Shaw Dave Moorland George Bidder Chris Bowlas
Martin Shaw
Mathew Harding Dave Moorland
Dave Moorland
Martin Booth George Bidder George Bidder
George Bidder
Ian White Callam Finlay
Callam Finlay
Paul Jackson Martin Douglas Duncan Ross Chris Bowlas
Martin Douglas
Duncan Ross Duncan Ross
Adam Houldridge
Marc Henderson Mike Clemson Chris Bowlas
Mike Clemson
Jon Samuel Chris Bowlas
Chris Bowlas
Steve Birss Steve Birss Steve Birss John Horler Paul Norton
Edward Bidder
Harry Hanson Harry Hanson
Jacob Vahey
Brian Matson Brian Matson John Horler
Mike Archibald
John Horler John Horler
Mark Vahey
John Sherburn John Sherburn John Sherburn Paul Norton
Paul Hammond
Nigel Downes Nigel Downes
James Maxwell
Ian Brogan Ian Brogan Paul Norton
Dom Burnett
Paul Norton Paul Norton
Ben Flower


Use Americal scoring, the winning player has the highest number of points at the end of the game. Games to be played by the date indicated or the game will be forfieted.

Congratulations to Paul Norton for winning the Club Knockout beating Chris Bowlas 3-0 in the final.


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